Are you really paying what you were promised? Were you offered ridiculously
low processing rates 1.69%?

Warning: Don't fall for the bait-and-switch!
Be skeptical, be informed, drill down, or better yet...

simply ask Fidelity

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spoiler alert!

There are hundreds of different rates, fees and situations.
There is no single fixed rate... If someone tells you they're
giving you a fixed rate, warning bells should ring so
loud your ears hurt.

And if they admit that "sometimes there's a
downgrade fee... but it will almost never
happen to you"...
Guess what: it will happen. very often.
That's how they make money on you!!!

If you're going to make your decision based
on your research, you will get burned.
We practically guarantee it!

Credit card processing is one of the
most incredibly complex industries in
the world. It is very easy to hide
expenses and pad added fees in ways
you've never imagined.

You should choose your processor
based on TRUST... not anything else!

our goal?
to gain your TRUST

find out why we're different
are you
apples to
apples? Are comparing apples to oranges?

NEVER make your decision by comparing
rates between companies...

That will be a complete waste of your time.
You will NEVER be comparing apples to
apples, and NEVER end up paying the rate
you were promised.

money? Think you're saving money?

Those savings can easily be erased by being
stuck with an incompetent processor when
you hit a speed bump.

As you know... you get what you pay for... or
as we like saying; you don't get what you
don't pay for.

Find out why tens of thousands of merchants
trust Fidelity for their electronic payment needs

We are not scared to tell you that we
will charge more than that
"too good to be true" rate.

No bait and switch for us.

We don't promise what
can't be delivered.

And we know we're on the right track.
We have a 98% merchant retention
rate and an A+ BBB rating to prove it!

find out how we do it
Our philosophy is simple:
Make your life easier

Here's How We Do It

It's not all about the "price". Everyone has a "void" somewhere
when it comes to payment technology needs... Fidelity's focus is in
developing cutting-edge solutions that will make your business run
effectively. Let us know what drives you to drink and we'll set you
up with a solution that will help you sleep better at night... hey, it
might even get your boss to give you a raise!

Bottom line savings.
Lower rates are always "included"... hey, we want to keep you
forever, so not keeping you happy would be dumb, wouldn't it?
And once we've set you up with low rates, we make sure that they
are effective. What good is a low rate if most of your transactions
are "non-qualified"? We analyze each customer's processing
patterns and make sure they know how to correctly process their
payments to qualify for the best rates.

Here's a bold statement
...but it's true!

We've boarded tens of
thousands of accounts since
1996 and not a SINGLE
merchant has ever paid a cent
more than their
previous processor
They've all saved
money, just as we
promised them.

start saving now!

Bottom Line: You Have 3 Choices
Stay with your current
processor ...until it comes
back to bite you
Shop around and make
your own (un)educated
Speak to us and
avoid all
the headache!
It's Your Call... Contact Us Today And We'll Help You Make The Right Choice
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