Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

Millions of people travel to the US every year and use credit cards issued outside the country to make purchases. Currently, international travelers using foreign credit cards have to wait for their monthly statement to find out how much their transactions cost in their local currency. This method is challenging for travelers who need to keep track of expenses.

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) is a credit card processing solution that allows merchants to offer international customers “the choice” to pay with Visa and MasterCard in their local currency or the merchant’s base currency.
The exchange rate includes a 3% margin which will be displayed on the receipt.
By paying in their local currency, tourists and business travelers can make informed decisions about their purchases and feel confident knowing the exact amount they are paying. In addition, cardholders have the choice of opting out and paying without converting the sale to avoid being charged international fees when their issuer does not charge.

Multi Currency Pricing (MCP) is an e-commerce solution that provide the cardholder an “in country” shopping experience by converting the merchant’s base currency into a foreign currency.
Merchants are funded in USD at a guaranteed rate without any fluctuation risk and will earn a revenue share on every converted transaction.

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