Recent changes in SNAP/EBT (AKA Food Stamps) that may affect your business.

What changed?
Up until March 21, 2014, the State-contracted EBT program provider offered free processing equipment, supplies, and transactions.
The new State-contracted provider that took over on this date no longer provides this for free.
Retailers that became SNAP‐authorized after this date are required to pay for their own EBT equipment and services.
Merchants that were set up before this date were given a grace period until September 21, 2014 to arrange for lease or purchase of EBT equipment and services.
As of September 21, 2014, merchants that did not make their own arrangements are automatically enrolled with the new state-contracted company. This company will now charge you for service, supplies, and transactions.

Who Is Impacted?
Any merchant that starting accepting EBT before March 21, 2014,
And; was set up with the State-contracted EBT program provider.

Some further clarification: Why are there merchants that never took advantage of the state-contracted provider for free? Being that the free equipment was not able to integrate with a merchant’s credit card terminal and only worked as a standalone system, many merchants never took advantage of this, and chose their regular service provider (such as Fidelity) to process their EBT as well. As a result, these merchants are not impacted by the new developments.

This Is What You Need To Do:
If you accept EBT through the state-contracted provider, or any other 3rd party: Call Fidelity today and avoid paying unnecessary fees! We will ensure that your equipment is compatible, and offer you a more competitively priced rate by bundling it together with your regular credit card processing.
If you accept EBT through Fidelity: These developments do not affect you in any way. Some merchants have been contacted by misleading parties advising them that they need to switch to them. As mentioned, you do not need to do anything!

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us @ 718-782-2823 option 2.

Fidelity is nationally recognized on the
USDA SNAP EBT Third Party Processor List.

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