Merchant Accounts

Don’t sweat what the bank told you. Fidelity will get your merchant account up and running, even when others told you it couldn’t be done.

You’re not a typical business. The good news? We’re not a typical payment processor.

Trying to open a high-risk merchant account can be a complicated and frustrating experience. Fidelity leverages our expertise and bank relationships to help you get the customized solution you need.

There are a few reasons why your company may be classified as “high risk”:

You sell products or services that require legal regulation.


You’re in an industry that experiences a lot of chargebacks or fraud.


You have a bad credit history.

Most traditional processors won’t offer these businesses merchant accounts because they view them as having a high risk of failure. At Fidelity, we’re committed to giving you the tools to thrive. 

Our dedicated, in-house team of high-risk specialists understands the complexities of placing high-risk accounts and has helped hundreds of businesses just like yours. They’ll help you navigate the application process and make sure you’re placed with one of our diverse bank partners across the U.S., so you can start growing with confidence.


We’re here to take the stress out
of finding the best solution
for your business.

Easy, Painless Application

Simply submit a short application, and we’ll take care of getting your business the best placement. Your new merchant account is just a few steps away.

Fast Approval

We move quickly to find you a personalized solution and to get you set up with processing, so you can start growing your business in no time.

Dedicated Team of Experts

Our team of high-risk experts will walk you through every step, so you can make the most informed decisions about your unique account.

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