I. General Questions

How does Real-ePAY work?

Real-ePAY uses a proprietary platform which allows users to control their rent and related fees online from anywhere in the world. With Real-ePAY you can make direct payments to your management for rent, Maintenance, or other property related fees “Online On-time” and never worry about paying late fees again. To get started, your tenant can simply click “Get Started Now” and he/she will create a secure user name and password which will allow payments to be made in three easy clicks, online, or by phone. The tenant can choose ACH direct payments from his/her checking or savings account, credit or debit card payments or a combination of both. Real-ePAY’s platform is easy to use, paperless, and features state of the art security. Real-ePAY gives residents ultimate control of making payments and the ultimate value of peace of mind.

Can your tenants make payments with different payment options using Real-ePAY?

Real-ePAY users can make payments with multiple payment options. Users can store both bank account information and credit or debit card information. Paying electronically using a bank account is convenient and affordable. Making payments with a credit or debit card gives your tenant the added advantage of earning miles while making payments, and users can pay from anywhere in the world while traveling or at work. Real-ePAY provides residents additional options to make payments and allows management to offer additional ways to pay, making Real-ePAY a win-win for both parties.

How do Real-ePAY payments show up on users account statements?

Payments made using Real-ePAY show up on the users account statements as Real-ePAY or Real-ePAY with a designation established by the management company. For additional questions, please email us at

How long will it take for payments from the users Bank Account to be processed?

Payments from a bank account are processed within 72 hours. The Real-ePAY system usually deposits the money in the location account within 24 hours. The tenant should see the accounts withdrawn from his/her account within 48 hours. Please be aware that for payments made at night or on weekends there may be a delay because banks are closed. Please ensure that the tenant has sufficient funds in his/her account before processing an ACH transaction with Real-ePAY. For additional questions, please email us at

Will the tenant receive a confirmation email when the payment is successful?

After a payment is submitted through Real-ePAY, a confirmation email will be sent to the user’s email account (that is documented in the profile). Additionally, successful payments will be reflected in the “Payment History” section of the tenant’s Real-ePAY account.

What security measures does Real-ePAY utilize to protect personal information?

All transactions on Real-ePAY are encrypted with industry-standard Secure Socket layer (SSL) technology and multiple firewalls to protect the user’s information. The tenant should store his/her username and password in a safe place not send this information in emails.

If your tenant owns multiple units in a building can he/she link them on one Real-ePAY account?

Real-ePAY’s system allows users to manage multiple properties within a single account. Users can also make payments for multiple properties simultaneously. Simply have the user go to “Add/Remove Properties” and click “Add Property.”

Can a user setup recurring monthly payments through Real-ePAY?

Yes, Real-ePAY offers a Recurring Payment option for Residents. With this convenient option, a User can login to his account and setup Recurring payments once so that each month their rent is automatically paid. The User has the control over their payment method, process date, as well as the number of payments to make. Users can also setup multiple recurring payments within the system to have different payment types automatically submitted each month.

II.Account Related Questions

How can your tenant create an Account?

To setup an account the user must do the following:
1. Create a Real-ePAY account
2. Create a unique username and password.
3. Enter the name of the Resident, phone number, and the best email address (for Payment Confirmations).
4. Search for their property by entering Building Number and Zipcode as it appears in the diagram. Select his/her building, then select unit or apartment number.
5. Click on “Payment Options”. Then select “Add New Bank Account” or “Add new Credit/Debit Card”. You can enter your checking, savings account, or credit card information to use for submitting payments; additional bank accounts can also be added anytime even after the registration process is completed.
6. Tenants will then be taken to the Pay Now page where they can begin paying rent online.

Additional Questions? Contact us at 855-794-7348.

Can your tenant make payments via telephone?

Yes, we allow Residents to submit payments by telephone. The Resident can use the profile they have already created on the Real-ePAY service to submit payments via telephone; or can create one by contacting us by phone. To submit a payment via telephone the Resident will be required to provide the following:

- Name, Email Address, Phone Number.
- Their home address and apartment number.
- The Bank or Credit card Account information they wish to submit the payment with.

What happens if a payment cannot be funded because of a lack of funds (NSF)?

If a payment submitted with the Real-ePAY service fails because of Non-Sufficient Funds the resident and the Manager/Landlord will receive notification of the failed transaction. The Resident will then be prompted to make a replacement payment. Both the resident and the landlord will see this reflected in their accounts.

Will your tenant be charged a fee if his/her Credit Card is declined?

No. If the tenant’s Credit Card is declined, one of two actions can be done:

1. Delete the original Credit Card information and re-enter the information in “Payment Options”.
2. Delete the original Credit Card and enter a different payment method.

III.Property Management and Landlord Registration Questions

How do I register my Property Management company?

1. Email Real-ePAY at or call us at 855-794-7348.
2. Prepare an excel spreadsheet of your properties addresses and the unit numbers within each property. Submit this to Real-ePAY via email or fax.
3. Assemble copies of Void Checks for each LLC / Corp. bank account into which the payments will be deposited. Submit these to Real-ePAY via email or fax.
4. You will receive an Enrollment Document. Read this carefully, fill it out and sign it and re-submit this to Real-ePAY.
5. Real-ePAY will approve your accounts and populate your properties on your online portal.
6. Once you are approved, we will create an Administrative login account for your Management company/entity and we will activate the property so you can begin accepting payments online.

Can I use Real-ePAY for any type of property?

Once your account has been created, adding additional properties is easy. Real-ePAY supports almost every type of property payment: Commercial, residential, multi-family, owners, vacation properties, and Student Housing as well as home owners association. For additional questions, please email us at

Can I use different bank accounts for each property?

Real-ePAY allows each property to use a different bank account to receive payments, we allow you to manage multiple properties with different bank accounts. The Bank Account is established in the initial setup, and bank accounts can be modified when necessary by submitting a request to your Real-ePAY account representative along with a copy of a void check for the new account.

How will Residents find and add their apartments?

When a property is added, the physical address and the units within will be populated on our platform. Residents will be able to locate their property by searching their address information on our portal. To ensure accuracy, Residents have to confirm the selection of their apartment multiple times.

How will Real-ePAY benefit my portfolio?

Real-ePAY will help improve your portfolio’s cash flow and will help decrease administrative costs and other headaches associated with late payments or non-payment. Allowing your residents to take advantage of credit card options will ensure that they will be able to make their payments even if they are low on cash. Additionally, increasing the level of on-time payments will help you meet important payment deadlines and improve the quality of your rent collection process. Rent collection will be more reliable, and you can stop guessing when the payment will be submitted each month.

What is the fee structure for each transaction?

Transaction fees vary based on many factors such as portfolio size and type. We are confident that we can structure an affordable plan that is right for your organization. Please call a Fidelity Real-ePAY representative at 855-794-7348 to discuss options and help structure a plan which is right for you and your organization

Disclaimer: All info in this FAQ is for informational purposes only and is subject to change. Full terms and conditions are contained in the "Management Agreement".


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