ACH (Direct Debit)

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Stop waiting for checks;
Debit your customers directly via ACH.
Funds available the next day!

There’s no need to wait for customers to write checks and have them lost in the mail. ACH payments are received more quickly and reliably, and there’s no need to forward checks to the bank and wait for processing.

What is ACH?
ACH payments are electronic payments made through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network.
In practice, ACH payments are simply electronic transfers from one account to another.

There are 2 kinds of ACH:
Pre-authorized: Direct debit is initiated by merchant with authorization from customer.
This authorization can be in writing, on the web, or over the phone.
ARC/BOC: Using a check scanner, paper check is converted and processed electronically.
This is known as "Accounts Receivable Conversion" (ARC), or "Back Office Conversion" (BOC)

Benefits of ACH...
  •   Works for credits & debits
  •   Deposit to multiple banks or accounts
  •   Recurring payments
  •   Integrates with your software or website (API)
  •   Customer database included
  •   Auto collect NSF fee from customer
  •   Online Reporting
  •   Pay your vendors without sending a check
  •   Auto redeposit bounced payments
  •   More secure against chargebacks than credit cards
  •   Auto deduct invoice balances on due date
  •   NO Early Termination Fee

Check Services is all about convenience.
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Take your Check Services to a whole new level with PaymentSITE™ by Fidelity

  •   Do you want to accept online payments or donations but don’t have a website?
  •   Do you want to send invoices to your customers with a link to pay by credit card or ACH?
  •   Do you want your employees to do transactions without logging in to your gateway account?

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