ATM Machines

Generate additional revenue with an ATM machine from Fidelity Payment Services
You can find an ATM machine in many retail stores, clubs, restaurants, and business offices. This is because it is an easy, automated source of income for a business and has a number of additional benefits.

YOU set the price... YOU make the money!

Here's how: There is a surcharge that you charge each card holder for making a withdrawal from your ATM.
You decide how much to charge. (Typically between $1-$4.)
For each surcharged transaction, all you pay to Fidelity is a nominal transaction fee...
...the rest of the surcharge is yours to keep!

Some of the benefits of having an ATM
in your Store or Business:

  •   New Revenue Source
  • A business owner sets and collects the surcharge fee per transaction, resulting in income every time someone withdraws money from the machine.

  •   Increase Traffic
  • Having an "ATM Inside" sign can bring more customers into a business. Even if they only entered for the ATM, they may purchase items from the store.

  •   Increase sales
  • An ATM reduces the risk that a patron with no cash on hand will leave and not return. Also a great solution for when a customer's credit card is declined.

  •   Customer Convenience
  • Your customers will appreciate the convenience of having the machine available at your store and may patronize the business more frequently.

Fidelity's line of cutting-edge ATM terminals:

GenMega 1900 GenMega 1900
GenMega 2500 GenMega 2500
GenMega 3000 GenMega 3000
Hantle 1700W Hantle 1700W
Hantle c4000 Hantle c4000
Hantle t4000 Hantle t4000
Hyosung NH1800 Hyosung NH1800
Hyosung NH2700 Hyosung NH2700
Hyosung NH5050 Hyosung NH5050
Triton RL1600 Triton RL1600
Triton RL2000 Triton RL2000
Triton Traverse Triton Traverse
ATM Program Features:
  •   Buy or Lease
  • ATM terminals are very affordable. Buy the machine outright, or lease it from us with one of our custom leasing programs.

  •   Cutting-edge terminals
  • Options. Options Options... From basic terminals with standard features, to fully customized wall mounted mega machines; we got you covered!

  •   Merchant Support
  • As with ALL Fidelity products, friendly and courteous 24/7 merchant support is never more than a phone call away. Full service contracts are available.

  •   Quick setup
  • We know time is of the essence. ATM terminals are set up and deployed in as little as 24 hours. We will come down and install for you.

  •   Training
  • ATM machines are fairly simple to operate. We do all the programming and training to ensure that you are equipped to maximize your profits.

  •   Reporting
  • With Fidelity, you will ALWAYS know exactly what's going on with your terminal(s). Our online reporting tool even works on your smartphone or tablet!

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