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Many merchants find it difficult to acquire working capital through traditional loans for a number of reasons. According to the SBA (Small Business Association), “inadequate or ill-timed financing is a major reason for small business failure.” The objective of our “Cash-In-Advance” program is to provide the working capital necessary for our customers to manage their business cycles and provide them with carefully timed funding to assure their continued growth.

Program Highlights

  •   Cash for Business Expansion, Inventory Purchasing or Advertising
  •   A Cash Advance that is based on your future credit card sales
  •   Working Capital without the asset requirements of bank loans
  •   No fixed Payment Schedule

The Fidelity Cash-In-Advance Program provides a fast, accurate, proven method for businesses to gain access to working capital by tapping into their future credit card sales. You avoid the hassles and periodic checks of a loan, because funds are advanced based on how often you make a credit card sale.

Here's how the Cash-In-Advance Program works...

1. You sell a fixed dollar amount of your future credit card sales at a discount.

2. You receive a lump sum of immediate cash, which you can use to:

  •   Expand your business facility
  •   Increase your product line
  •   Meet unexpected expenses, such as new or replacement equipment
  •   Advertise your business

3. A small percentage is collected from each settled credit card sale until the repayment amount is reached. There are:

  •   No fixed payments
  •   No fixed pay off date
  •   No manual processes, the patent-pending system is completely automatic.

4. Each month you will receive a statement detailing the status of your account.

5. Once your initial repayment amount has been collected, you are eligible to receive another lump sum of cash for your next business project.

Qualifying for the Cash-In-Advance Program is easy…

If you’ve been turned down for a conventional bank loan, this program may be perfect for you. You must be able to:

1. Show that you’ve been in business for 12 months, and

2. Demonstrate a minimum monthly credit card volume of $2,500

Contact us today to apply for the Cash-In-Advance Program.

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