As a result of the explosion of e-Commerce companies and online shopping, the complex nature of credit card fraud increases daily. Merchants are faced with the tough decision to either allow risky transactions which sometimes result in costly chargebacks, or decline them, often turning away profitable business that need not be lost.

You don’t need to worry about online fraud.
All you need is Fraudwatch™

what is fraudwatch?
Fraudwatch is a premium product designed to secure online businesses with worry-free transactions. It provides an automated and manual credit card verification and fraud protection service with very quick response times. With real-time approvals of high-risk credit card transactions including international, high value, and mismatched AVS transactions, we maximize revenue and eliminate risk!
Fraudwatch uses over 165 parameters and cross-checks to analyze a single transaction.
Some things include: Distance between IP and mailing address, domain, email address, bank records and shipping fees.
Our proprietary software enables us to achieve very high approval rates. Now you can focus on your core business while we take full responsibility for fraudulent transactions.

who needs it?
It makes no difference if you’re too carefree or too careful. The potential for online fraud is real and can hurt your business…unless you use Fraudwatch.
Do you accept cards indiscriminately and get hit by chargebacks or fraud? Besides the monetary loss, your account may eventually be terminated by processing banks that blacklist you as a liability. Or maybe you accept cards with great caution and discernment, scrutinizing every transaction? This is extremely time-consuming and inconveniences not only employees but, ultimately, your valuable customers.

customized for you
Fraudwatch is a percentage-fee based service that allows the merchant to select the orders he wants verified, so that he pays only for the transactions he considers high-risk. For example, a merchant may choose to submit only international orders, orders that ship to an alternate address or orders that exceed a certain dollar amount. Every transaction will automatically be sent through the Fraudwatch software and reported on the online portal.

  •   No setup or monthly fees
  •   No minimums
  •   Instant responses
  •   Smooth integration
  •   No added charge for manual review
  •   100% Fraud Chargeback Insurance

FraudWatch offers the one true and sensible solution. We guarantee it!

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