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Our story

It’s really your story. Because our passion for helping growing businesses is more than an attitude. It’s a practice. Every decision, every technology, every team member, and every satisfied customer is an expression of our commitment to your success.

Founded in 1996, Fidelity Payment Services began with a humble mission: to equip local businesses with credit card processing hardware and software.

Our offerings have changed.
Our passion for helping businesses has not.

Two decades later, Fidelity has grown to be one of the largest electronic payment providers in North America. Gradually expanding our products and services to stay ahead of ever-changing technology and trends, we offer powerful payment processing tools to support business owners across all channels—in store, online, and mobile.

We’ve Transformed the Payment Processing Experience. Here’s How.

The world of payments can be confusing, overwhelming, and costly.

Our unique Cardknox gateway platform brings you freedom, flexibility, and robust features designed to streamline and simplify payment processing and lower your costs—no matter your industry.

Unresponsiveness, lack of transparency, and hidden fees leave you frustrated.

Our multiple specialized customer support teams are entirely in-house, enabling us to uphold our long-standing reputation for fast, reliable, and friendly service. We go the extra mile to be honest and transparent—and we’ll never slam you with hidden fees.

Outdated, inflexible technology is costing you time, money, and customer satisfaction.

We never leave you with a one-size-fits-all solution. Our leading-edge, customizable technology allows you to tailor the payment process for your business, empowering you to do commerce your way.

As a business owner, you have enough details to worry about. Payment processing shouldn’t be one of them.

From our in-house team of industry experts to our relationships with nearly every bank across the country, we’ve transformed a complex and cumbersome experience into a seamless process that gives you confidence and peace of mind.

Meet the Fidelity team

Ben Weiser


Paul E. Donofrio

Chief Financial Officer

David Ilowitz

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew (Andy) Gladstone

Chief Operating Officer

Yanky Weiss

Chief Technology Officer

Mark Paley

Vice President of Sales

Chaya Poltorak

Director of Marketing and Product

Irene Collinson

Director of Human Resources

Naftoli Plotnik

Director of Sales and Business Development

Tzippy Levine

Director of Technology

Aron Pollak

Director of IT

Yehoshua Kaplan

Director of Technical Services

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