Getting Your Money
Has Never Been
Faster or Easier!

Get FAST access to your funds with Fidelity’s Next-Day
and Same-Day Funding Programs with no extra service fees.
Did you know that most processors hold your money for
48 to 72 hours before funding your credit card, ACH, and Check21
transactions? At Fidelity, we believe that it’s wrong to make
merchants wait so long for their hard-earned money, so we
decided to do something about it.

Next-Day Funding

Next-Day Funding at Fidelity means your funds are available the very next day. Our payment software routes transactions based on each processing platform’s cutoff time, ensuring next-day funding on all credit cards, including American Express —no more need to have multiple terminals to get next-day funding.

In addition, our “late batch-out” option lets you batch out after business hours and still get next-day funding.

Same-Day Funding

Is next-day access to your funds not fast enough for you? We have a solution for that! In addition to Next-Day Funding, we also offer Same-Day Funding—a perfect option for small businesses and startups that need quick access to funds. With Same-Day Funding, daily settlement deposits are funded to your debit card account within 5 hours, 24/7 (including weekends and holidays). When you sign up for Same-Day Funding, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you can depend on a fast cash flow so you can pay overhead costs like inventory, payroll, and bills in a timely manner—no matter the day or time!

The setup process for Same-Day Funding is truly seamless, as you don’t need to make any changes to your current settlement process and you can quickly link to your existing Visa or select Mastercard debit account.

If you want to start getting fast,
easy access to your cash,
don’t wait another day!

Contact Agent Support for more information about how to sign up
for Fidelity’s Next-Day Funding and Same-Day Funding programs.
You’ll be glad you did!