Experience Best-In-Class Payment Processing Solutions For Your Business

With over two decades of experience in the payment processing space, Fidelity Payment Services is an industry leader that offers powerful next-generation payment processing technology, exceptional white-glove customer service, and competitive rates. We provide a full suite of merchant payment processing services, including support for all major credit and debit cards, powerful fraud detection and prevention tools, and a customizable, state-of-the-art merchant portal. Explore our services to discover the Fidelity difference.

Best-In-Class Payment Processing Solutions

Merchants and service providers that store, process, or transmit cardholder data are required to keep their customers’ information safe and secure at all times. Learn about how to implement Payment Card Industry (PCI) security requirements to ensure your business remains PCI compliant.

Fidelity’s Same-Day Funding and Next-Day Funding programs provide rapid access to merchant funds.
Chargebacks occur for a variety of reasons, including customer disputes and fraudulent transactions. Learn about ways to prevent chargebacks by adopting a set of best practices for your business.
EMV “chip and PIN” cards are safer than magnetic stripe payment cards. Find out how integrating EMV technology helps fight against fraudulent card-present transactions.
Fidelity supports Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) payment card processing for SNAP and eWIC, the government-funded supplemental nutrition programs for individuals and families who are eligible to receive financial assistance for food purchases. Learn how to begin accepting EBT payments at your business.
Keep credit card processing fees under control with Fidelity’s guaranteed low rates.

Merchant service providers act as intermediaries between the merchant’s and customer’s banks to facilitate the transfer of customer funds to merchant accounts. Read more about the valuable assistance that merchant service providers can bring to your business.

Access the latest Cardknox technology release notes, see updates to the Cardknox Merchant Portal User Guide, and watch video tutorials demonstrating new features in the Cardknox Merchant Portal.

Use the Fidelity Glossary of Terms to find definitions for commonly-used industry words, phrases, acronyms, and abbreviations.

Find answers to your questions about billing, merchant account setup, reports, and more in Frequently Asked Questions.