No matter your industry, we’ve got a payment solution that fits your business.

And that's a promise you can take to the bank.

From brick-and-mortar to e-commerce, public service to food service, trusted neighborhood store to Fortune 500, we offer industry-specific solutions that streamline and simplify your payment process, so you can focus on your growth.


Convert every in-store transaction into an enduring customer relationship with our cutting-edge point-of-sale solutions. We offer customized payment processing to delight your shoppers and all-inclusive back-end management tools to help you run your operations smoothly.


When it comes to your B2B merchant account, accepting commercial transactions can be costly if you don’t have the proper solutions in place. We offer secure, cost-effective solutions—including virtual terminals, hosted online payment forms, and integrations with leading POS and ERP software—that make it easy for customers to pay, and easy for you to manage accounts receivables.


When the Internet is your world-wide “showroom,” you need a flexible checkout process that provides advanced fraud protection, convenience, and continuous customer satisfaction. Our team can help you find the perfect all-in-one e-commerce solution for your business that will simplify payments and keep shoppers coming back.

Cities and

With public service becoming more and more complex, Fidelity can help you do more with less. Our versatile solutions enable you to maximize security and streamline efficiency, and replace your time-consuming payment processes with modern solutions that keep your data safe and meet the demands of all verticals within your public sector. From funding municipal utilities to procuring court fines and fees, to collecting property taxes, and more, we’ve got you covered.

Grocery Stores
and Supermarkets

Whether you run a national supermarket chain or the local corner grocery store, you need a secure, customized POS and payment processing system that helps you get it all done. We support a wide variety of payment types (including eWIC) and robust features to streamline payment processing, expedite checkout, track inventory, and manage employees and vendors.

and Food Services

Take your daily headaches off the menu with payment processing that offers convenience to your customers and peace of mind for you. Our terminals support pay-at-the-table transactions and our user-friendly POS apps and integrations enable mobile ordering and delivery service. From dinner reservations to back-office accounting, you’ll benefit from secure, robust solutions that keep all your operations running smoothly.


For your hospitality business, the right payment solution can make the difference between ultimate serenity and sleepless nights. With our powerful, customizable payment technology and POS integrations, you can meet the unique and ever-growing demands of your business without financial stress.

Non Profit

From processing one-time donations to recurring contributions, our versatile solutions are designed to maximize donations to charities and not-for-profit organizations. Increase your cash flow with PaymentSITE online donation campaign forms, automated phone systems to allow donations over the phone (IVR), wireless tablets for in-person donations, and more.


Collect tuition fees on time and raise more donations with Fidelity’s streamlined processing solutions. Whether your school is online or spread across multiple campuses, we enable you to track and manage payments, reduce administrative costs, and stay up-to-date on payment schedules with simplified, flexible processing.

Real Estate

Collect recurring rent payments—without running after tenants. Now you can offer hassle-free credit card and ACH payment options powered by our Cardknox Go automated rent collection solution, so you can get paid faster, easier and more securely than ever before.

and Manufacturing

When cash flow is critical, you need payment solutions that ensure you get paid promptly. Take advantage of our state-of-the-art virtual terminals, online billing, MOTO processing, accounting software integrations, and ACH processing at competitive prices. You’ll be operating an even leaner, more cost-effective business in no time.

Health and
Fitness Centers

Get your finances in shape with our robust suite of payment solutions for your health club. Whether you need an integrated point of sale that supports recurring billing for membership services, cutting-edge payment terminal options, seamless back-office tools, or something more custom, we make it easy to accept payments online or in person.

Rentals and Repairs

Drive faster profits for your auto business with Fidelity’s flexible payment solutions. Whether you’re processing payments on the lot using wireless terminals or a mobile device; picking up customers with more secure, convenient payment options; or navigating payroll with a customized POS system, we’ve got the solutions you need to steer your business to new horizons.

and Recreation

In the entertainment industry, juggling your payment processes is the last act you want to perform. With Fidelity, you can easily coordinate everything from support for membership services, to setting up online ticketing, to managing integrated payroll solutions for your employees. We’ll keep you cheering all the way to the bank.

(Mail-Telephone order)

Do you process most of your orders over the phone or through the mail? If most of your customers and clients live out of state, or even out of country, face-to-face transactions in your business are probably rare. And that can make it difficult to establish the kind of “personal touch” that enhances the customer experience.

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