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Simplified Check
Services that Save You
Time and Headache

Ditch the trips to the bank. Whether you have a high volume of recurring payments or deal with a large number of individual transactions, our check services make it easy for you to accept and deposit checks. You can even deposit checks remotely. It’s simple, easy, fast, and affordable.

Same-day Funds Available

Deposit to multiple banks or accounts

Low transaction fees, no discount fees, no early termination fee

Accept checks by phone, fax, or online

Online reporting analytics

Integrates with your software or website

Quit the trips to the bank.

Check 21 is our simple check payment processing solution that enables you to convert paper checks and deposit them directly into your bank account. You can deposit your checks remotely using one of our scanners and have funds available the same day, without ever stepping foot at the bank. You can even deposit to multiple banks or accounts.

Save time and increase productivity

Imagine how much time you can save by automating manual tasks related to processing checks in your business:


Auto deduct invoice balances on due date


Auto redeposit bounced checks


Auto-collect NSF fee from customers

Never worry about bad check writers again.

Bad checks? We’ve got you covered with Check Guarantee!

Are worries about bounced checks keeping you up at night? Fidelity’s Check Guarantee service lets you rest easy so you never have to worry about bad checks again. Be guaranteed the full amount of any approved check, as long as you follow all our easy requirements for check acceptance at the point of sale. When you use our Check Guarantee service, you can accept checks with confidence knowing that you will be paid for the amount of any check that is approved through our system.

Check Guarantee from Fidelity reduces your risks when accepting checks, while providing an easy, hassle-free payment option that many businesses and customers prefer.

How it works.

You have two options with our Check Guarantee service:
Check Acceptance and Audio Response. Keep reading to
decide which option is best for your business.

Electronic Check Acceptance

This service converts a paper check into an electronic transaction at the time of sale by scanning the check with one of our state-of-the-art scanners. The process is as quick, safe, and easy as accepting credit cards. It is actually designed to be similar to the process of accepting credit cards by depositing your money into your bank account automatically.

That's it! You are now guaranteed. If the check bounces, you won't even know it!

Audio Response

Audio Response is designed for merchants who wish to deposit their checks in a regular fashion. You’ll call a phone number, follow the prompts to enter the requested information, and receive a real-time response without having to speak with an operator. You will receive an authorization number or decline. If the check bounces, simply return the check to our service, and you will be reimbursed for the amount of the bounced check!

We also offer a variety of premium customized check guarantee programs for the protection you need and want, such as:


Check verification


Stop payment protection


Guarantee for post-dated checks


Guarantee for mailed-in and collect on delivery (COD) checks


Check Conversion PLUS


And much more!

Don’t lose any more sleep over bad checks—call us today for a full demo!

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