Refer-a-Friend – Terms and Conditions

Participation Eligibility Requirements

To participate in the Refer-A-Friend program, the referring party (Referrer) must submit the referral prior to the referred person (Referee) ordering a qualifying service. Qualifying services are limited to merchant accounts (a.k.a. credit card processing services).
In order for an award to be payable hereunder, referrer may not have an interest in referred account. This includes, but is not limited to; owner, employee or officer of referred account.
Referral will qualify for referral fee, managed and paid by Fidelity Payment Services, upon new account approval and activation as detailed below.

No employees of Fidelity Payment Services, its parent, subsidiaries, affiliates or the advertising, promotional or fulfillment agencies of each nor members of their households or immediate families are eligible to participate in the Refer-A-Friend Program.
The Referrer and Referee may not be immediate family members, and must reside at different addresses. Fidelity Payment Services will monitor and track referrals submitted for accuracy. To the extent Fidelity Payment Services detects referral fraud, Fidelity Payment Services reserves the right to exclude the associated Referrer from the Refer-A-Friend program and the Referrer will forfeit any referral rewards.

You may only refer individuals who you have a personal or business relationship with and who you believe would benefit from Fidelity Payment Services’ services. You represent and warrant to Fidelity Payment Services that you have an existing business or personal relationship with each referral and that it is your genuine opinion that each referral would wish to be contacted by Fidelity Payment Services. By providing us with the names and contact information of your referral, you are affirmatively requesting and authorizing Fidelity Payment Services to contact them on your behalf.

Reward Eligibility Requirements

In order for Referrer to be entitled to receive a Reward the Referee must: (1) place an order for a qualifying service within 60 days of referral and (2) retain active qualifying service in good standing for at least 180 days.

Reward and Redemption Process

A $100 Reward Check will be mailed to the address submitted at time of referral. Rewards will be issued within 4-6 weeks after Referee’s minimum 30-day service period is successfully completed.

Other restrictions may apply. Fidelity Payment Services may cancel or modify this program or its terms at any time.