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Bottom-Line Savings... At Fidelity we don’t just promise low rates; we actually deliver them. The rate we quote is the rate you pay, no hidden charges or fees. Our trusted reputation shows that at the end of the day, a promise made is a promise kept. We’ve earned that reputation fair and square, and we’re determined to keep it.

Superior Customer Service... Fidelity customer service is the most responsive in the industry. Of course, we pride ourselves on being able to give the lowest rates available, but more importantly, our thousands of satisfied customers will agree that our commitment to superior customer service is equally impressive.

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Solutions By Type Collapse
Accounting Integration Accounting Integration
Standard Terminals Standard Terminals
Gateways Gateways
Secure PaymentSITE Secure PaymentSITE
IP Terminals IP Terminals
Mobile Payments Mobile Payments
PIN Pads - Signature Pads PIN Pads - Signature Pads
Shopping Cart Integration Shopping Cart Integration
Wireless Terminals Wireless Terminals
PC Software PC Software
Solutions By Industry Collapse
Business to Business Business to Business
Delivery & "On-The-Go" Delivery & "On-The-Go"
E-Commerce Website E-Commerce Website
General Retail General Retail
Grocery & Supermarket Grocery & Supermarket
MOTO (Mail-Telephone order) MOTO (Mail-Telephone order)
Nonprofit & Education Nonprofit & Education
Real Estate Management Real Estate Management
Wholesale Wholesale
Food & Hospitality Food & Hospitality
Solutions By Manufacturer Collapse
First Data First Data
Hypercom Hypercom
Nurit Nurit
Pax Pax
Verifone Verifone
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Check Services Check Services
POS Systems POS Systems
ATM Machines ATM Machines
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